About me

I’m a UX writer. Not only I’m focused on UX, but also I have several years of experience working with software or tech companies. This means I can translate your technical language into a more colloquial one that everyone understands. In this way, you can easily share your know-how, while generating b2b leads or providing value to developers, attracting new top-notch talent.

I can help your tech company with:

– UX content flows for your website
– Copywriting for social media
– Blog writing
– Content strategy
– Editing your developers content
– Email marketing

I love traveling. I’m a digital nomad, so writing content about my trips is something that really thrills me. It’s another field I’m used to working for.

I’ve also written content for several other industries such as insurances, real estate, consumer products, etc. Take a look at my portfolio –> https://paulabecchetti.com.ar/blog/